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Business Resource 


BRAITCS offers a wide range of business resources for your small business and organization.

Our core is providing resources in technology and computer literacy through workshop training sessions tailored for targeted audiences.


BRAITCS services range from providing you with the knowledge and tools you will need to maximize your small business or organization.  


We have direct access to reliable resources for entrepreneurship, grants, business credit programs that offer startup support. We guide you through services such as setting up your LLC and D.U.N.S number to establish business credit. 


We offer consultation services that will guide small business owners through business goals, management structure, customer service and education through training session.   



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BRAITCS offers customize products for businesses who are looking for the best way to brand and stand out.


The benefits of customizing and branding brings value and uniqueness to your business. Customization is the new branding strategy if you want your business to become competitive in a global marketplace. 


You have to tune into what other companies are doing and then figure out how you can offer something more specific to your customers with specialized branding.


BRAITCS  provide these services using specialized software and tools to customize your product with your own  unique branding. Products can range from business cards, training manuals or materials, certificates or any other business product you desire.

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Technology Advisement

BRAITCS offers advisement and resources on technology needs. 


It is important for businesses to elevate and automate their operation  by the use of advance technology hardware and software.  


We provide consultation session to learn and understand the operation of your business in an effort to advise the best technology that will suite your needs and help your business to elevate.


 We have build and developed partnerships with expert technologist that will assist in delivering and customizing technology solutions  and products for your business.


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BRAITCS provides advice and mentorship for personal and professional development for the youth and adulthood.

"A Mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside  yourself." ~Oprah Winfrey

Mentorship is an important aspect in the development of oneself. It provides clarity when looking to reach your highest potential in order to progress in life whether it is personal or professional. 


BRAITCS believes it is beneficial in having access to a wide variety of  influential voices that brings different solutions and perspectives that translate toward bringing out your true value and potential along with keeping you motivated and focused in different ways.

BRAITCS conducts speaking engagements for any targeted audience. We offer 1:1 mentorship and advisement opportunities as well as information and knowledge to individuals looking for guidance through life's journey, whether it is entrepreneurship,  career goals, youth development programs. 

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